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Online Casino Promotions

Posted on 10 August 2017 by Rebecca (0)

The areas under consideration in this review of online casinos are: casino games, online casino promotions, customer services, and special features. In order to set itself apart from the competition, an online casino should offer an enormous variety of online slots, video poker, and table games, and specialty games. Most online casinos offer over 70 choices of unique slots to choose from. Most online casinos offer the “standard” table games such as craps, roulette, and blackjack, as well as some less common games such as red dog and sic bo. In order to be competitive, a top online casino will offer several different versions of poker too.

It is crucial that an online casino offer various online casino promotions. some online casinos offer a “free money” sum, which is usually between $700 to $900, which the player receives upon signing-up to the site and making a deposit. Examples of such an online casino deposit bonus “First Deposit” is a 400% match worth up to $4000. Another such online casino deposit bonus would be a 50% match to play any of the online casino games. There are also online casino promotions that offer weekly bonuses worth up to $5000! All players ‚Äúregardless of whether they bet big or small ” should be treated as honoured patrons. Customer Support agents should be reachable via phone (toll free), or email 24/7, 365 days/year.

Some must-have online casino features include built-in game and financial history, whereby: Any player can review every wager s/he has ever placed, including amount wagered, winning earned, the exact date and time the bet was placed, and detailed game results. The financial transaction history displays all deposits and withdrawals from the player’s casino account. Both of these features can be accessed at any time whilst logged in. Yet another special feature of several online casinos are their Special V.I.P Benefits. VIPs are afforded their own personal casino manager who is at their disposal 24/7. VIP players are allowed special bonuses and substantially higher table limits.